You Are Not Alone

not alone

“…even the darkness is not dark to You. The night shines like the day; darkness and light are alike to You.” – Psalm 139:12


God knows us more deeply than anyone else.

He knows us because He has CREATED US (139:13-16), CONNECTED WITH US (139:1-5),
and because He has CLUNG to US! (139:7-10)


So when we are faced with ANXIETY, with FEAR, with DEPRESSION, with DOUBT, with all the things that besiege our souls…. let us FEAR NOT!


For even in the pit of our despair, in the darkest of nights… God is there and the Psalmist reminds us that for the God who has created us and who knows us… the night SHINES LIKE THE DAY!


The video below is a new song from Elevation Worship entitled “For a Moment” and it speaks to the God that does not abandon us; to the Savior we are called to worship.

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Check out the lyrics:

Peace be still you are with me
In this hope I abide
Jesus be my sustainer
Strengthen me in this trial

And I know, it’s only for a moment
And everything is working for your glory
But I need, your perfect love to hold me
Safe within your promise
Till the storm has passed

When this burden is lifted
I’ll give praise to your name
But until it is finished
I’ll give thanks just the same

For we have this hope
As an anchor for our soul
You are with us
We will never be alone



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