Salvation & Calling

DesertJourneyBegins-300x191At the age of seven I knew I wasn’t “ok” and needed Jesus to make me right. I was baptized on Easter Sunday 1988 and thought that was it… At the age of 13, the Lord moved in my heart again; convicting me of what it means to not just call Him Savior, but call Him, Lord as well… That was the turning point for the rest of my spiritual journey. I wanted a Savior AND a Lord of my Life and I have tried to follow His commands ever since.

I first heard the call to ministry in high school working “Royal Ambassador” or Mission Camps for kids for the Louisiana Baptist Convention. I returned home that Summer to promptly allow those around me to convince me otherwise. So I headed into college ready to become a great businessman and eventually President…. I know…. President….

web-page-next-stepThankfully, I never stopped doing ministry and it was in the course of working Camps in the Summer of 2000 that I could no longer resist the call on my life. I surrendered to the ministry that Summer and gave up the dream of big business… but not the White House! Just kidding, That more than any other moment has altered my life’s direction. The more I have learned to surrender, the more God has brought me close; allowed me to grow; and sent me out.

My ministry began¬†entering into a new shift and phase in the Fall of 2013 when I distinctly heard the Lord calling me and my family into preaching and senior leadership. I did what all great men do when they hear a call of God that didn’t expect… I hid from it and didn’t say a word… TO ANYONE… for more than a year. In the last number of months, however, through the support of my wife and the coaching of my current pastor I have seen God move in an incredible way. My passion has begun to shift, my gifting has re-aligned, and my heart has changed toward the pastorate. We’re still praying through what that means for the future for our family. What we know now is that we love the people God has given us. We love the ministry God has given us. Finally we love all things He is allowing us to learn! Our heart’s desire is to be a blessing to those we serve and to the churches we shepherd.

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