I am blessed to call Sara Melanson Horan my wife. My ministry wouldn’t be possible without her & I wouldn’t want it to be! We met at Northwestern State University at a game of night soccer and she couldn’t stop thinking about me since (just don’t ask her!) We were married in July of 2004 and I have come to realize a little more every year since how much God has given me in her. She is an educator to her core and loves children and music second only to the Lord.


Our children bring us joy and laughter and the hilarious moments we never dreamed of.
Ella Grace was born in March of 2009 in Colorado but has become our Southern peach. Ruby Mae was born in Texas in December of 2009 and has the blue eyes her Mimi would have loved.
Aaron Joseph was born in May of 2016 and is already growing faster than he should be allowed!

We take them with us as much as we can while we serve, and I’ll always let them interrupt my Sunday mornings for a hug. My hope is they love ministry so much, they’ll want to stay in it forever!

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