These are the various notes that make up the journey of our life & ministry as a family.

It may sound strange but there existed a lot of hesitancy about launching such a site as this. Should a pastor even a have his own website? Should it bear his name and increase the chances claiming credit for successes not his own? Am I diverting attention away from my family & ministry for a vain project?¬†Each question is important and each has both positive & negative answers. SO… why even proceed then? My answer can be found in a Jewish Commentary on Deuteronomy that says:


“In vain have you acquired knowledge if you have not imparted it to others.”


I have benefitted so greatly from the voices of others sharing their experiences & knowledge that if even ONE OUNCE of what has been given to me can be of benefit to someone else then I have achieved my goal with this site.

So with that said, I hope what you find here will be an encouragement to you for the movements in your journey through life…


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  1. Teresa Ruckman says:

    Looking forward to reading more here. I am a huge believer that we should share the wisdom we gain through our own trials so that God can receive the glory. By sharing perhaps we inspire others to take God’s hand to make it through their own struggle. If we keep it to ourselves then it all happened for naught.


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