UPDATE – Choir Specials

This first two clips are from our Worship Choir and Band here at Old River Baptist Church in Mont Belvieu, TX!

We’re re-building this group and moving toward live accompaniment on most of our specials. The horn section is also a new addition!

This first song is from May 10, 2015. “Follow Me There” by Third Day, with me singing a rare solo…

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The second clip is from our Easter 2015 service and features our Choir and Worship Band again. This is Break Every Chain by Jesus Culture.

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The following clips are some of our Worship Choir from Central Baptist in Americus, GA. Our choirs sang only during the school year and usually sang about every 2-3 weeks in our services.

This first video was from Spring of 2013. The song is Travis Cottrell’s “Faithful God” by Brentwood Benson Music.

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This video was also from the Spring of 2013. The song is Keith and Kristyn Getty’s “in Christ Alone” by Word Music.

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